ÁRTER’s Restoration Department was established in the late 1990’s and comprises architects, engineer-architects, interior architects and art historians with both national and international experience. Projects range from conservation to reconversion work on historic buildings.

The team specialises in both manual and digital drawing work, detailed architectural survey, as well as historic structure, ornamental features and material analysis. This expertise is at the base of each restoration project, allowing an overall comprehension of the historic building and its specificities.

In addition,  the team undertakes preliminary study such as archival and historical research, as well as typological, technical, pathological and stratigraphic analysis. Furthermore, stability study is conducted in order to define the urgency, nature and scope of the necessary interventions. This is being based on the outcome of analysis in situ, laboratory results and calculation notes, and results in the establishment of graphical and technical documents, such as plans, sections and elevations, execution details, specification writing, quantity surveying and cost estimation.


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