One says that bad architecture fails the Vitruvius test. According to Vitruvius, a building had to be three things: beautiful, usable, and sustainable. In order to respect the latter, the Environment – in all her aspects – forms a major concern throughout the conceptualisation of our projects, i.e. our sustainable construction and renovation.


Sustainable construction means designing, renovating or converting a building in compliance with environmental rules and energy-saving methods.


In particular, it aims:

  • to promote environmentally friendly materials, and therefore greatly contribute to the well-being and "sustainability" of buildings;

  • to highlight the concept of energy saving, particularly taking on board the typical Brussels context;


To meet, and even exceed the government's objectives for 2020, increased efforts need to be made to reduce CO2 emissions. That is why ÁRTER prescribes all initiatives that contribute towards this drastic reduction, such as:

  • better insulation,

  • rational use of energy,

  • the use of renewable energies,

  • the use of natural or low embodied energy materials,

  • the re-use of materials respecting the philosophy of circular economy,

  • better mobility, etc.


The health and well-being of the occupants, but also of the workers on construction sites and upstream are taken into account, in order to design and deliver sustainable projects responding to the environmental, social, cultural, economic challenges and opportunities of our constructional landscape.


As a BREEAM awarded architect and member of various official environmental platforms –

in particular as director of the board of ecobuild.brussels – ÁRTER Architects defends our planet on and off (the construction) site!


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